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Bands I've booked/hosted

El Caribefunk (Cartagena, Colombia), Dirty Fences Beech Creeps , Gold Fish, Sharkmuffin, Gymshorts, Fruit & Flowers , Tall Juan Darkwing Vamanos , Retail, Junk Boys , Acid Dad , Shop Talk Hot Curl , Gingerlys , Lazy Queen , Fat Heaven , Alexander F SassafraZ , Thick , Def Girls , Wade & Sons, Surfbort  Bloodless, Spit, Memorial Gore, Cigarette Bums , Whiskey Bitches, Secret Crush , Water,   Dumb Wolves , The Casey Hopkins Trio , Cool Company , Whitewash , Belles & Robes , The Mad Doctos , Spewing Cum , Arc Waves  Light Therapy , Exiles, Looms , Mouse Fitzgerald , The Makeout Club , The Stargazer Lillies, Steve Nelson, Andrew Rinehart, Low Mein, Hypoluxo, War Cries   Mammal , Rosebug , Stuyedeyed , Tron & DVD ,   Sir KN8 , Milk Dick , Psychiatric Metaphors, A Deer a Horse , Hira Lupe and the Carnival of Gypsies, Edith Pop , Think Tank , Treads , Samantha, Fraidycat , Sic Tic , Dead Leaf Echo, Lodro , Cross , Glass Slipper , My Friend Fugu, Nauki, NoPop , Secret Nudist Friends , Slop Wop, Rob Karpay, Brain Space, The Hornitz , Durians , Sistine Criminals , Psychic Selves , Sunset Images, Sunlover
The Fucktons  ,  Garbage Brain  , Drillshot
ELM  ,  Space Bacon, Future Type,   Dice Man,  Tsimba b2b DeeZ, Ludge,

Venues I've Booked at

The Gutter
Barranquilla Studios
The Gateway
Brooklyn Bowl

Radio Shows

Hofstra University 88.7 FM 
The Electro Kitchen Show hots and sound engineer

Highlighted interviews

Consider the source: Consider the Source on the Electro Kitchen 88.7 FM

Lespecial: Lespecial on the Electro Kitchen 88.7 FM 
Supersillyus: Supersillyus on the Electro Kitchen 88.7 FM

Coming this fall Female Frequency Radio

Places I've played music

La Boquilla, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
Boston, MA
Manhattan, NY
Brooklyn, NY

Highligthed bands I've sold Merchandise for at Brooklyn Bowl

Highlighted bands I've PA'd for at Brooklyn Bowl

Lauryn Hill
Trey Anastasio Band
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  26. Managing Director

   Highlightened bands I filmed at Brooklyn Bowl   

Galactic w/ Maggie Koerner

Music companies/ Bands I've interned for

Velour Music Group
* Gramatik

Brooklyn Bowl

The Brain Trust

Brotherly Love Productions

Consider the Source

Bands (vocals) 

Espejismo (lead) -present
Arakkus (lead) - present
Janzig (lead)
Rolling Heads (lead)
Background Orcs (guest)
Insigniya (guest)